So far this weekend has been so much better than I thought it would be! I had plenty to keep me busy, and I did not mind being on my own. I concentrated on working out, eating good food, and cleaning the house! What a combination. 🙂

Thursday and Friday I went to the gym after work. Each day I did the elliptical machine for 50 minutes. I should have done some weight training after, but I really did not want to. I am definitely going to be adding strength training to my half marathon training plan. The start date for this training is Monday, July 18th. (Thanks to my friend Ned for letting me delay the training start by visiting me next weekend!)

Friday after work I also decided to start shopping for some summer shorts. I have been searching for shorts for a couple of weeks now, and it has been nearly impossible to find anything that fit me correctly. Friday I went to Old Navy because a couple of my friends had luck shopping there for shorts, so I figured maybe I would have luck, too. Not so much. I bought two pairs of shorts just in case I did not have any luck the next day at the mall. The shorts that [sort of] fit me were ugly and not that comfortable. I asked a friend if a pair of ugly shorts were better than no shorts. Neither of us could really answer the question. I left with two pairs of shorts and feeling very unsatisfied.

After the shorts shopping, I went straight to the gym to work out. Then I went home to think about dinner. After a shower and a change into weekend clothes (thankfully I did not put on the new shorts – I left them in the bag, which remained in the truck of my car – my fingers were crossed that I would be able to return them soon after finding the perfect pair of shorts…)

Dinner: a bit of Mexican? I chopped up some red onion, red and orange peppers, and sauteed them all together in a little bit of olive oil. Then I warmed up some refried beans. Eventually everything came together on a whole wheat tortilla, on the skillet:


Refried beans, veggies (spinach added), and Monterey Jack cheese. I added salsa and sour cream on the side. It was a wonderful dinner for one. I loved it!


This meal is really a great meal for when you are on your own. The only thing is that you will end up eating it for a couple of days in a row to use up the refried beans, but it’s a great meal to have a couple of times in a row. You can change the fillings, add an egg for protein, or a veggie burger – you can basically put anything in the tortilla that you would like!

Friday night I watched a movie that I had received from Netflix. How Do You Know was a movie that I was very excited to watch and I was so excited that it arrived on a Friday – a perfect thing to watch while I was on my own. Except that the movie was horrible! For the record, I like most movies, especially romantic comedies. I love Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and even Reese Witherspoon and hello – Jack Nicholson? With the cast I was so sure that this movie would be great – or at least good. It was not. Half way through the movie I took out my nook and started reading, so I really did not even watch the entire movie, even though I kept the tv on while I read. I hope I have better luck on my next Netflix movie!

Friday night I set my alarm for 7:30 because I knew I needed to get up and get my morning started before my 9am training session at the gym. Saturday’s training session was amazing – more details to come soon on that. After a shower and changing into normal clothing, I started my weekend errands. I ended up at the mall where I finally found shorts!!! Ann Taylor Loft saved me. I bought two pairs of shorts and a couple of tee shirts. Everything I bought was also 50% off! I was so excited. The shorts are the best things I have ever tried on. I was so happy to return the other shorts which I felt so ho-hum about. Mission accomplished!

Saturday night I went to see Midnight in Paris. I loved this movie and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves literature and Paris – or if you are a big Woody Allen fan. 🙂 I fall into all three categories, so it was a perfect movie for me to see (especially after such a disaster Friday night!). I really sort of love going to the movies on my own. I have not done it in a while, and I am so glad that I made this plan to go out to see this movie.

For dinner, I had another whole wheat tortilla with spinach, refried beans and salsa.

I need to come up with a plan for Sunday now and a meal plan for the week. See you in a bit!


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