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Two runs down, one to go

Hi Blog Readers:
Remember what I said on Saturday? My goal this week is to get three runs in during the week. Well, today is Tuesday and I’ve already accomplished two of my runs! Now I am just one run away for my Monday – Friday goal 🙂 That’s a pretty good feeling to have on a Tuesday night!

My food intake was a little off today. I remembered to bring some soy milk to work with me, and I intended to use it on my cereal. But, I forgot the cereal. Oops. So for breakfast I had one of the mini-Clif bars which was a rather small breakfast. At 11 o’clock I had a Chobani Greek yogurt (lemon flavor) and then I went for a 2 + mile walk with some of my friends from work. It was another beautiful day in the Boston area.

Lunch was an orange and a handful of trail mix. Obviously lunch was a little slim since I had eaten my yogurt earlier. So, at around 3 o’clock I ate another Greek yogurt (my favorite 2% Fage, with strawberry on the side).

After work I went running and covered just about six miles. After the run I had a mini Luna bar and after a shower and stretching, I enjoyed some amazing vegetable and chicken stir fry that my mom made last night:


Monday night I also got a run in – 3.2 miles. (I also had a great walk at lunch yesterday of two miles!) After my post-work run I dropped by my wonderful friend Danielle’s house. She was getting ready to have dinner, and she offered me some amazing food. Since I had just finished up a run, I was a little hungry so I took her up on her generous offer. Doesn’t this look yummy???


Quinoa with roasted vegetables and a side of cantaloupe! It was so refreshing after roasting during my run. Personally, I think temperatures in the 80s in MARCH is insane and really disturbing. I was so hot during my run that I drank all of my water and I still had a mile to left.

Ok, I am off to pack my lunch – in hopes of not forgetting something like breakfast for tomorrow! I hope you are all having a great start to your weeks and I will be checking back with you all soon.


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