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Happy Tuesday evening, everyone! How was your day? I had another pretty good day – thank goodness for that! (Is it bad that I’m happily thinking that I have only three more work days until a fun filled weekend??)

My morning was off to a pretty good start when I came downstairs with all of my bags in hand and noticed a beautifully toasted half of a cranberry muffin on the kitchen counter. When my mom first told me it was for me, I said, “Oh I can’t.” But after pouring my coffee and grabbing my super healthy lunch I thought again. Yes, I can. I told myself. I grabbed the half of a muffin (and this was half of a normally sized muffin not one of those horribly oversized things) and enjoyed it for a few minutes before I left the house. The muffin was sort of perfect because it was not overly sweet. I hate muffins that make you feel like you are eating cake for breakfast. This was not one of those muffins – I think the cranberries help, too because they can be on the bitter side. I enjoyed the muffin at 6:15 in the morning – which is really early for me to have breakfast.

No surprise that i needed to have a second breakfast. I had a Greek yogurt at 9:40 this morning, along with a big bottle of water:


The yogurt really hit the spot:


At noon time I had a small handful of almonds before I went for my 30 minute walk with two of my best work friends. Today I had my SLR Canon with me… so Colleen and I busied ourselves taking photographs during our walk today. It was a lot of fun.

I just love this photograph, and I can’t remember who took it:


On stressful work days it is really helpful for me to take a moment and remember that I work in a beautiful place:


Lunch today was really healthy and I ate at my desk going through work emails. Lunch was carrots, hummus, grilled chicken and the awesome yogurt sauce. I also had five whole wheat crackers that are not pictured. Lunch was healthy and fresh. I really liked it:


At 2:45 I started thinking about my afternoon snack. Finally at 3:30 I had a Kashi chewy granola bar. I left work at 4:30 this afternoon. I had a lot to do at home, and the drive took a very long time so I decided to skip the gym (I so hate to admit this). But the decent thing was that I got almost everything on my to do list accomplished which is a pretty good feeling. I wish there was enough time in the day for me to do everything that I need and / or want to do – but sometimes I have to make choices. Today a search for some of my favorite books won over my desire to run at the gym. I also hate going to the gym when it is raining because it is usually packed and I also want to get out of the car as soon as possible when it is raining (just a weird thing I have about driving in the rain I guess!)

I got home, threw in a load of laundry, and started searching in the attic for a ton of books that have been missing for a couple of years. Believe it or not I found almost every book I was looking for. I felt so accomplished!! Then I went downstairs and read ten pages of my book (that might not seem like a lot, but when it is a dense political history book, I think ten pages is pretty good in one sitting….)

At seven o’clock I started prepping dinner. Quesadillas again!!! I changed things up a bit tonight. I cut up chicken, scallions and tomatoes at first:


Then I decided to make some homemade guacamole! Have I told you how much I love avocados??? I know some people that do not like avocado and I just do not understand them.

First I scooped out the avocado. I added a small amount of kosher salt. I smashed the avocado. Then I added cilantro, diced tomatoes and some lemon juice:


Then I mixed everything together:


I will not lie to you. I ate some of the guacamole right out of the purple bowl. I love this stuff!!!

I made the quesadillas and put three sauces on the side along with some carrots.


I just love how fresh this dinner is! I think quesadillas might become more of a stable in our house now that we are sort of hooked on them 🙂

Well, once I hit publish I am off to prep lunch, check on the laundry, put more laundry away and do more reading. How is it 9:15 already??? See you soon!


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