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Summer Run Streak – Day 9

It is a good thing that my smoothie was awesome this morning because I did not have a chance to eat again until after 1 o’clock this afternoon! The Kashi meal was not the best, but it did the trick. I was too exhausted last night to put together a salad for lunch and I am glad that I had something remotely healthy to fall back on.

The meal I had was the chicken florentine:


The finished product was not very photogenic. But it kept me going during a rather long day:

Image 1.jpg

Pretty, huh? Yeah right… 🙂

At four o’clock I grabbed a pear. I was so hungry that I did not photograph it – but I snapped a photo of it for The Eatery after I had finished it. The pear ranked pretty high with everyone that rated it:

Image 2.jpg

As I was eating my pear I took a quick ten minute walk outside with one of my favorite people, which always helps when you’re feeling a little stressed. Colleen and I were so happy that it was not raining – it has been raining for a few days in these parts. It was wonderful to get outside for a few minutes. I have missed my lunch time walks this week.

I left work sometime after 5 o’clock and it took forever to get home. I was fine in the first hour of my commute, but after that I was just starving. So I snacked on a Kashi chewy granola bar (peanut butter – yum!!).

The drive was long. After I tried to get gas to find that all of the pumps at my local Mobil station were out of order (thankfully I had a quarter of a tank so I wasn’t on empty!) and then I fell going into the house. It was a winner of a day – that is for sure. [Ugh!!!]

Somehow I rallied and ran two miles immediately after getting home. The run was nicer than yesterday. It was not windy. It was not quite as cold and it was not raining. I wish I had gone for a longer run, but it was already after seven o’clock when I left the house and I wanted to have time to relax and decompress after my long day.

Dinner was great. I came up with the plan on the way home when I realized that I would not have time to cook. Grilled chicken sandwiches with cucumbers, tomato, basil and hummus:

Image 3.jpg

So I must say that I’m rather digging the summer run streak. It has gotten me moving for at least a mile every single day for nine days straight. These days after a day like today and yesterday, I probably would have skipped my workout. Not that two miles or 1.1 miles is a ton – but it is certainly better than nothing. Tomorrow my goal is to get up at my normal a** crack of dawn early time (5:30 AM is SO early sometimes!) and get on the road at my normal time, and hope for a better commute. If I can get to work earlier, I can leave earlier and then have more time for my workout.

No one ever said that trying to live a healthy life by eating fresh and healthy food, making time for exercise and so on was going to be easy. This week it seems a little harder than normal 🙂 But I’m going to do my best to make it through the week – tomorrow is Hump Day after all!!

OK. I’m going to prep breakfast and lunch and hopefully get some quality reading time in, too. I’ll see you tomorrow bloggies!


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