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Hump Day: Food For thought

Hi Blog Readers:
It is finally hump day (mini celebration happening in my head right now!) and I wanted to give you some interesting articles to read, think about and digest over the day. Here you go!

1. From Runner’s World: How to Beat Brain Drain – and I think it’s pretty obvious that I was suffering from a case of serious BD yesterday 🙂

2. Two smoothie recipes from the New York Times.

The first one seems a little eccentric – but I’m giving it to you anyway 🙂Carrot, papaya & sesame smoothie.

The second one sounds really good: Strawberry & Almond Smoothie.

(If you try either of these please let me know what you think!)

3. You might have heard yesterday that the Walt Disney company unveiled their new advertising plan having to do with junk food ads aimed towards children under the age of 12. If you haven’t already heard, check this article out from the NY Times. We will be discussing this plan on the blog later today 🙂 Promoting Nutrition, Disney to Restrict Junk Food Ads.

Happy reading, bloggies!! I’ll see you later today.


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