One week…

Remember when I used to post things on a daily basis?? I really hope to get back to those days soon! It has been one week since my last post. I promise to try really hard to get better about this! Last week I did a good job about getting back into training. I went…… Continue reading One week…

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The Rest of Friday

I survived the rest of Friday. It was a calmer day than Thursday had been, thankfully. Breakfast got me through until lunch without a problem – and that is always a great thing in my book. Lunch on Friday was pesto, whole wheat pasta and chicken sausage left overs. My lunch was definitely coveted a…… Continue reading The Rest of Friday



Happy Thursday, everyone! This week has been a strange one for me – but now I’m a bit surprised that it is Thursday already – what a good feeling! I am getting excited for the weekend, because I will be going to New York tomorrow afternoon where I have quite a busy and fun weekend…… Continue reading Thursday