Hump Day…

Hi there bloggies. Happy Hump Day. I am happy to announce that Sugar & Spice has a new home: http://www.sugarnspiceblog.com . It will all look the same, the only difference is the web address. I have to give a huge thank you to my friend Ned, who helped me get things started with the ‘new’…… Continue reading Hump Day…



Where did the Sunshine go??

Well, at least it stopped raining – for the moment. In case you are wondering it has been raining for the last four days straight. I’m ready for a little bit of sunshine. I was up early again this morning, at 5:45 and I got to work early, too. This whole morning thing and gloomy…… Continue reading Where did the Sunshine go??


Budget Update:

Just a quick update on Day #1 on the new budget. I spent a total of 35¢ On what, you might ask? A re-fill of coffee from our staff coffee pot.  I usually spend $1 to get a decent cup of coffee in our caf (whole milk, a splash of vanilla syrup or caramel flavor…… Continue reading Budget Update:

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Reporting from my Desk – Happy Hump Day

Hi All – How is the week treating you so far? I had a super busy day at work, and then a sort of productive night at home – which equals a pretty good day for a Wednesday, I guess. 🙂 Today I took the train to work, and brought my morning coffee in my…… Continue reading Reporting from my Desk – Happy Hump Day

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Monday Night is Taco Night

Hi All – I hope everyone had a great back to work day and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday 🙂 I really enjoyed my five days away from the office. It was my longest break from work in several months, perhaps since last holiday season! It was a much needed time away… I woke up this…… Continue reading Monday Night is Taco Night