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Healthy Eating on a Budget?!

Hi Readers: So, the other day I talked about one of my new quests – eating healthy, whole foods on a budget. This week is my first few days of the “budget”. I have not come up with an exact dollar amount, but I wanted to let you know how I was doing so far!…… Continue reading Healthy Eating on a Budget?!

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Heather and Bittman… sitting in a tree

Just kidding. But seriously – I think I am having a culinary love affair with Mark Bittman. I hope that is ok with you readers out there. 🙂 Seriously. I don’t know what it is about Bittman. I have no idea – but I love being inspired by him! Last week before I came down…… Continue reading Heather and Bittman… sitting in a tree


A Re-Cap of the Sickly Weekend

Hey Bloggies – Well, I thought I would write a brief re-cap of the weekend. Friday I was exhausted – I could not get out of bed all day. For a while I was getting really nervous that I was actually coming down with the flu because I felt achy, feverish and soo 100% exhausted. …… Continue reading A Re-Cap of the Sickly Weekend

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A Day with the Moms!

Hey All – So, I guess I might be on the mend… hopefully. I slept all day yesterday, barely getting out of bed for orange juice. I was definitely wiped out. I am still tired, and have been taking it easy again today. I had already scheduled a day with “the mom’s” before I came…… Continue reading A Day with the Moms!


Early Friday

Oh bloggies. It is 6:30 in the morning, and I am home sick and unhappy. My body had done a wonderful job trying to keep this cold from striking me down… but when I woke up this morning and started getting ready for work, I realized that I felt a lot worse than I did…… Continue reading Early Friday

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Hey Bloggies: I have to say, I’m sort of proud of myself today! I had a long, productive day at work – and after the day at work I attended a retirement party for a colleague and then a blog production meeting with a friend (more to come soon, I promise). I left the office…… Continue reading Proud


Monday – back to work.

Hey All – Well, it was back to work for me today! As a birthday gift to myself, I had told my boss that I would be coming in on the later side. It was such a treat to get up at 7:50 instead of 5:45 this morning! I got to work at 9:45 and…… Continue reading Monday – back to work.


The Day After…

Hi Bloggies – Well, it is the day after my birthday! The holidays go by so quickly, and all of the sudden it is January 3rd, my day of birth 🙂 We had a really fun, small get together at my house yesterday to celebrate. When I went to bed on Saturday, I made sure…… Continue reading The Day After…