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Stepping it up

For the past week or two I have been stepping up my exercise routines. Last week I exercised FIVE DAYS of the seven day week. This week has been the same – and by exercise I am including the brisk walks that I take, as long as they are half an hour or longer. Last…… Continue reading Stepping it up

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Beginning of the week

Hello blog readers! How is the beginning of your week going? So far things are falling into place for me – always a good thing. On Monday morning I had whole grain english muffin with peanut butter for breakfast. It hit the spot – I just love peanut butter on Monday mornings! It makes sort…… Continue reading Beginning of the week

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Peaches and wraps

I had the best peach on Tuesday: … I also had a great turkey wrap: And a handful of Kashi crackers: After my low key smoothie on Tuesday morning and my pumpkin granola bar, I enjoyed a peach at noon time. I went for a two mile walk at 12:30 with two of my good…… Continue reading Peaches and wraps

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Hump Day: Food For thought

Hi Blog Readers: It is finally hump day (mini celebration happening in my head right now!) and I wanted to give you some interesting articles to read, think about and digest over the day. Here you go! 1. From Runner’s World: How to Beat Brain Drain – and I think it’s pretty obvious that I…… Continue reading Hump Day: Food For thought

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Bittman to the Rescue

I don’t know about you – but I have been close to melting this week. It has beensohot and humid and it feels so early in the season to be dealing with such weather… Thankfully Mark Bittman came to the rescue (as he so often does) with 12 recipes for different vichyssoise – always a…… Continue reading Bittman to the Rescue

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Hi there bloggies. For some reason I am starving today. I woke up very hungry. Sometimes when I have this on-going hunger I worry about how much food I am eating. But not today, because everything I have consumed has been somewhat healthy. I have come to accept that there are just some days that…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Random Thought for the Night

Ok. I really need to be going to bed – but I had this random thought, and figured I’d put it out there. As I was unpacking my groceries tonight, I got to thinking. I would LOVE to see what an elite runner’s refrigerator and pantry looks like. (Of course I’m thinking Kara Goucher [my…… Continue reading Random Thought for the Night