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Tis the season…

Why hello there bloggies. Sorry for being sort of MIA for the last few days. Thanks to those of you who wrote me wondering where I was 🙂  it is nice to be missed. So, tis the season to do holiday and festive things. Here is  a super brief recap of the weekend (there are…… Continue reading Tis the season…

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Monday is flying by and that you have a short work week. I have a two day work week, and at the beginning of the morning I was wondering how I would ever make it through just two days. That probably sounds really weird. But here is the thing:…… Continue reading Snack

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Cooking Vegetables

Hello there readers. Just a quick post to let you know that I am still alive. I am not pleased, but I am here.  Recently I have started working on cooking vegetables since I am no longer allowed to eat a lot of raw vegetables – boo. But I must say that I have done…… Continue reading Cooking Vegetables


National Sandwich Day

Just in case you were wondering – today (apparently) is National Sandwich day. More on this later. I’m just glad I could ‘celebrate’ since I brought a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch today. Woo-hoo!

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Pain, pain, go away.

Seriously, WTF? Ugh. Ok, for the record – today was a pretty good day. Besides the fact that I was so exhausted when my alarm went off this morning I simply could NOT get up and get going to save my life. Nope, I just could not do it. Even though I went to bed…… Continue reading Pain, pain, go away.

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A Change in Plan

Yesterday I left work early to go to see my surgeon and discuss my health issues. My GP thought they were directly related to my surgery, so when the problems got worse, I decided it was time to pay the doctor that saved my life a visit. I waited a long time. And then was…… Continue reading A Change in Plan

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Happy Friday, everyone. I don’t know about you but it has seemed like a rather long week to me! I am happy that today is Friday. Yesterday’s food was a bit of an experiment. I’ve been feeling a little not so good lately, on and off for about a month. Yesterday I tried an experiment.…… Continue reading Friday