A Long Overdue Long Run

Happy weekend!!! I don’t know about you but I am so glad it is the weekend right now. Work was so busy this week, but somehow I managed to maintain a decent work, life, running balance – I am not quite sure how I pulled it off. Saturday morning meant a long run for me.…… Continue reading A Long Overdue Long Run

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Holy Heat!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was wonderful and I loved driving with my windows rolled down last night as I drove from Rachel’s house to home. It was low humidity, and it felt cool. I cannot wait for fall weather! Today was a different story. It was hot and even worse… it was humid.…… Continue reading Holy Heat!

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Training and Eating

Ahh, Wednesday. I am over half way through my work week! I feel very lucky that I love my job and [almost] look forward to going to work every day. But there are times (like this week) where my mind floods with thoughts of what I could be doing if I was not working. But…… Continue reading Training and Eating

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Tuesday: Getting My Run On…

Good Tuesday evening, folks! I feel like I have had a pretty busy day – but I did not get everything that I wanted accomplished. I had goals, and I also had priorities – and running at least 4 miles was at the tippy top of my priority list. So, as you know, I had…… Continue reading Tuesday: Getting My Run On…

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The Weekend

How was your weekend?? Did it fly by? I had a three day weekend – only my second of the entire summer. I took Friday off, and I was able to relax for three full days (for the most part!) I hardly turned on my computer – which makes me a kind of bad blogger.…… Continue reading The Weekend

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It’s All About the Shoes…

Ok, so if this was a more “normal” blog, the shoe conversation would probably be about sling backs, heels, pumps, or even ballet flats. A good pair of Steve Madden’s anyone??? But this is not a fashion blog. I don’t talk about high heels, and I hardly ever wear them. I am talking about running…… Continue reading It’s All About the Shoes…

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Hello there blog readers. Today is the second day of Mega August. I didn’t start the day off to psyched about training after work, but as the day progressed my attitude improved. I slept well last night, and I thank my 4 + mile run after work yesterday for that. I woke up feeling pretty…… Continue reading Thursday

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Mega August

Today we gave the month of August and the training we want to do a name. From here on out, August will be known as Mega August. It is going to be awesome. (or that is what we are telling ourselves.) Breakfast this morning was oatmeal again with a spoonful of Barney Butter: The oat…… Continue reading Mega August

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A Busy Day

I am really happy that Monday is over 🙂 I have to tell you that I had work nightmares all weekend and I feel much better having survived my day today. Woohoo! Not only did I survive, I accomplished a good amount of stuff after work. But before I fast forward to the end of…… Continue reading A Busy Day

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Friday AM Run

On Thursday night I knew I had to work late on Friday. I told my co-worker that I would be in ‘later in the morning’ on Friday. Usually I try to get to work before 7:30 AM. Today I was aiming to get in at 9:30 AM. My alarm still went off early – 6…… Continue reading Friday AM Run